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2001 Camarillo EAA Fly-in, Saturday August 25

Transports and General Aviation

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Go to the Home PageStinson SM-8M Detroiter, NC416Y Stinson SM-8M Detroiter, NC416Y is registered to Robin Seymour at Woodland Hills. It was built in 1930.

Stout Bushmaster 2000, N750RW Stout Bushmaster 2000, N750RW was built in 1985. I went for a ride on the Bushmaster 2000 at the airshow.

Stout Bushmaster 2000, N750RW Stout Bushmaster 2000, N750RW takes off on another nostalgia flight.

The Bushmaster 2000 has recently been painted in the colors of Tri-Motor Air Tours and is based at the Long Beach Airport. Call 1-800-493-3003 to fly in it.

Waco UPF-7, N32135 Waco UPF-7, N32135 has been registered to Gary Entrekin of Ventura since 1987. It was built in 1941.

Douglas DC-3, N814CL restored in the colors of United Airlines Clay Lacy Corporation's Douglas DC-3C, N814CL Mainliner O'Connor is restored in the colors of United Airlines. Its Douglas construction number is 34370, and it was built in 1945.

Spartan Executive, N17605 Spartan Executive, N17605 is registered to Dale Barrett at Santa Paula. It was built in 1937.

Beech C-45H, N2833G Beech C-45H, N2833G is registered to Ross Diehl at Chino. It was built in 1951.

Swifts A trio of Swifts

Republic RC-3-1 Seabee, N461WW Republic RC-3-1 Seabee, N461WW has been registered to Judy Stout of San Martin, California since April 1999. It was built in 1947, and its Republic construction number is 461.

Percival Prentice, N1041P Percival P-40 Prentice Ser. 1, N1041P was built in 1949. It has been registered to the American Aeronautical Foundation of Thousand Oaks since 1993.

Convair Cv-240, N396CG Convair Cv-240, N396CG has been registered to Ed Schnepf since 1993. It was built in 1948. It was delivered to Trans Australia Airlines as VH-TAS, RMS James Cook on October 8, 1948 and was later renamed RMA Thomas Mitchell. Pakistan International Airlines bought it in July 1956 and registered it as AP-AHS. Fokker bought it in October 1959 and registered it as PH-NLP. Euravia Air Charter registered it as PH-EUT and named it Leen Pot, but sold it to Beldex Corporation in July 1960 without using it. It was sold to the Peabody Coal Company on January 6, 1961 and then to Louis Laramore in September 1961. Laramore registered it as N559L in February 1962 and sold it back to Beldex Corporation in May 1962. Beldex registered it as N568R. Stephens Inc. bought it in February 1963 and sold it to Little Rock Airmotive in September 1970. It was nearly immediately sold to Faberge Inc. and given the registration that it wears currently. It was bought by Western Commander in August 1972 and transferred to Western Leasing Corporation later that month. Summa Corporation bought it in August 1974 and eventually stored it at Van Nuys. Kings Point Corporation bought it in February 1977 and sold it to Gemini Management Corporation in November 1977. Harold Cousins bought it in July 1980 and sold it to C and M Airways in August 1989. Gar Aero Inc. bought it three months later and sold it to Red Stevenson in July 1990.

Martin 404, N636X Martin 404, N636X is operated by Airliners of America in the colors of Pacific Air Lines. Note the JATO port for rocket assisted take offs on top of the engine nacelle.

It was delivered to TWA on July 16, 1952, registered as N40429. Its name was Skyliner Peoria. In 1959 it was sold to California Airmotive Corporation. Subsequently it was owned by E. F. McDonald, James McAlister, Montex Drilling Corporation, Airworld Incorporated, Whitesell Construction Corporation, Joe Simpkins Oil, Tiffany Industries Isd., Phase II Incorporated, and Sun & Wind Incorporated. It is currently registered to Skylease Incorporated of Wilmington, Delaware.

Visit Airliners of America's Martin 404 page.

Lockheed C-121C Constellation, N73544 Lockheed C-121C Constellation, N73544 Camarillo Connie was built in 1955. Its Lockheed construction number is 4175. It was delivered to the Air Force as 54-0156 on November 1, 1955. The Smithsonian Institute acquired it from storage at Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona in June 1972 in order to trade it to Aviation Specialties for the Boeing 307 Stratoliner, N19903 Clipper Flying Cloud. Aviation Specialties registered it as N73544 in March 1973 and retired it in 1976. Globe Air Inc. bought it in February 1981 and sold it to Mehrdad Khoramian in December 1982. It has been registered to Daryoush Younesi at Tarzana since 1992.

C-121C N73544 stereo pair Cross your eyes to see the tail of the Constellation in 3-D.

C-121C, N73544 at Gila Bend Indian Reservation Memorial Airport on December 30, 1981 C-121C, N73544 at Gila Bend Indian Reservation Memorial Airport on December 30, 1981.

C-121C, N73544 at the Point Mugu Airshow on October 2, 1994C-121C, N73544 at the Point Mugu Airshow on October 2, 1994

Link to the Constellation Historical Society.

Antonov An-2, N2AN Antonov An-2, N2AN was built in 1984. It has been registered to Carl Hays of San Diego since 1993.

Ultralights A parade of ultralights.

Ultralights Ultralights on approach to the tiny strip of asphalt that serves as the ultralight runway at the west end of the airport.

Cirrus Vk-30, N52TH Cirrus Vk-30, N52TH has been registered to Thomas Hastings of Winnetka, California since it was built in January 1999. Its Cirrus construction number is 143.

Trainers at the 2001 Camarillo EAA Fly-in Training aircraft at the fly-in.

Combat Aircraft at the 2001 Camarillo EAA Fly-in Combat aircraft at the fly-in.

More Camarillo displays

Camarillo displays Camarillo displays.

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