Preparations for the
Edwards Air Force Base Open House
October 18, 2005

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On Tuesday, October 18, the Edward Air Force Base Public Affairs Office provided representatives of the media with a glimpse of some of the equipment to be displayed at this weekend's Open House. A 25-year-old Norwegion General Dynamics F-16A Fighting Falcon undergoing European Participating Air Forces (EPAF) mid-life update will be displayed with three different short-range, infra-red seeking missiles. NASA will be showing off Lockheed ER-2, N809NA and one of the presure suits used by the ER-2 pilots.

EPAF F-16A Mid Life Update

Norwegion General Dynamics F-16A Fighting Falcon, 80-3666 will be displayed at the Open House. It is being used by Dutch, Danish, and Norwegion pilots to evaluate the modifications of the M4 mid-life update.

80-3666 is equipped with pairs of AIM-9M, AIM-9P, and IRIS-T short-range, infra-red seeking missiles.

EPAF pilots Major Johansen Harley of Norway, Claus Rasmussen of Denmark, and Slinger of the Netherlands are evaluating the hardware and software changes of the M4 mid-life update.

The IRIS-T missile is seen below an AIM-9P Sidewinder.

IRIS-T is manufactured by Bodenseewerk Geratecknik (BGT), SAAB, and Alenia.

The infra-red seeker in the IRIS-T missile is gimbaled to allow it to acquire targets that are not directly in front of the fighter. The seeker head is slaved to the pilot's helmet position, so it looks where the pilot is looking.

Link to the SAAB page describing the IRIS-T missile.

Link to the Eurofighter page describing the IRIS-T missile.

The AIM-9M Sidewinder is equipped with a WGU-4E/B seeker head.

The AIM-9P Sidewinder is a less expensive variant of the missile intended for export to countries not eligible for the AIM-9M.

NASA High Altitude Airborne Science Lockheed ER-2

ER-2 pilot Dee Porter showed off NASA's two Lockheed ER-2 High Altitude Airborne Science Program airplanes. He recently spent some time in Costa Rica flying it over hurricanes and other turbulent weather. He was formerly a Boeing B-52 Stratofortress pilot. He transferred to the Air Force U-2 program in 1979 and then to the civilian ER-2 program.

Lockheed ER-2, N809NA is operated by the NASA Dryden Flight Research Center.

Lockheed ER-2, N809NA was originally assigned Air Force serial 80-1097.

The power is on in the cockpit of the ER-2.

Lockheed ER-2, N806NA is undergoing periodic depot maintenance (PDM). It has been stripped of paint and disassembled. All of its components and systems are being restored to good working order. It is expected to return to flight in November.

The wing tips of ER-2s and U-2Ss fold like the wings of Navy fighters.

Lockheed ER-2, N806NA was originally assigned Air Force serial 80-1063.

Clark-Davis ER-2 Pilot Pressure Suit

James Sokolik of NASA Dryden's Life Support Office demonstrated the pressure suit worn by pilots of NASA's ER-2. He described how all of the controls function and the materials from which it is constructed. H demonstrated all of the equipment used by the pilots to eat, drink, and urinate while wearing the suit. He will be demonstrating the suit to visitors at the Open House.

Clark-Davis ER-2 Pilot Pressure Suit

This vacuum test chamber is used to check the performance of the pressure suit regulators and other equipment at very low pressures.

Cold water boils in a beaker as the air pressure drops to the level at an altitude of 90,000 feet.

See you at the open house.

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