Wings Over Gillespie Air Show
Static Displays
June 16, 2007

The Wings Over Gillespie Air Show was held over the weekend of June 16 - 17.

North American T-28D Trojan, N8523A served the Air Force as 51-3530. Its construction number is 174-68. It was delivered to L'Armee de l'Air as Fennec No. 49 and then transferred to the Morrocan Air Force where it was registered as CN-AEH. It was to have been delivered to the Honduran Air Force as HR-230A in 1978 but it was impounded before delivery. It was stored at FLL-Executive as HR-230A from 1979 to 1981. Euroworld Incorporated reserved the registration N8523A for it in June 1980. Jeff Hawk, David Talichet, and Visionaire International Incorporated of Miami, Florida bought it in December 1980. David C. Tallichet and MARC took it to Chino, California in 1986. Clyde E. Barton of Lake Jackson, Texas registered it as N8523A in 1994. William Pratt of Nashville, Tennessee bought it in December 2005 and sold it to Walter Bagdasarian of La Mesa, California in 2006.

Curtiss P-40N Warhawk, NL85104 was ordered by the Army Air Corps as 42-105192. It was delivered to the Royal Canadian Air Force as 858. Fred Dyson bought it and 42-106396 at Boeing Field, Seattle, Washington on October 23, 1947. It was owned by W. Bridges in Jackson, Mississippi from 1952 to 1954. Louis Rice of Marysville, California bought it in 1954 and very quickly sold it to Richard Rowlette of Riverside, California. Walter Brockin, also of Riverside, acquired it in 1955 and then sold it to W. Keith Larkin of Weather Modification Company in San Jose, California. It was damaged in a wheels up landing near Denver, Colorado in 1958. The Air Museum in Ontario restored it to static display condition in 1959. Restoration of the airframe was begun in 1977. It made its first flight after restoration in 1981, when it acquired its current registration. It is powered by an Allison V-1710 twelve-cylinder engine.

North American SNJ-5 Texan, N711RA served the U.S. Navy as BuNo 51828. Its construction number is 88-14806. Robert G. Abrams of Chula Vista, California registered it as N7972C in 1963 and then as N711RA in 1969. Michael R. McCrae of Lemon Grove, California acquired it in 1978. It is painted in the bright colors of an instrument trainer based at Melbourne, Florida.

Czech built Aerovodochody L-29C Delphin, N443KT was built in 1968. Its construction number is 892876. Warbirds West of Carson City, Nevada registered it as N443KT on August 23, 2001. James Ostrich of La Mesa, California bought it on March 25, 2005.

Czech Aerovodochody L29 Delfin, N37DG has been registered to Donald Goodwin since 2002. Its construction number is 591326.

Aerovodochody L29 Delfin, N105EC was built in 1970. Its construction number is 2817.

Aerovodochody L29 Delfin, N50DG has been registered to Corporate Development Services of Carson City, Nevada since October 2000.

Taylorcraft L-2M Grasshopper, N46544

Stearman B75N1, NC9039H was built in 1941 and carries construction number 75-6801.

North American Rockwell OV-10 Bronco, N409DF Air Attack 330 guides tankers in to drop their retardant slurry on wildfires. It served the Marines as BuNo 155401 and its construction number is 305-12. It was acquired by the California Department of Forestry in 1993.

Grumman S-2T, N432DF CDF Tanker #71 served the Navy as BuNo 133190 and its construction number is G-161.

Taylorcraft L-2M Grasshopper, N47454

Beechcraft T-34A Mentor, N34TX is restored in U.S. Air Force markings with a fictitious serial number.

North American P-51D Mustang, NL44727 Man-O'-War originally carried Army Air Force serial 44-72739. Its North American construction number is 122-39198. For a number of years it sat in open storage on the Universal Studios lot until Ascher Ward of Van Nuys, California recovered it in August 1970 and registered it as N44727 in 1971. For a while it was named Poontang. Elmer Ward acquired it in 1975 and restored it to the appearance of his original WW-II mount, 44-14292.

North American P-51D Mustang, N151MW Lady Alice was delivered to the Army Air Force as 45-11633. Its construction number is 124-48386. William G. Lacy and Lacy Steel Incorporated of Honolulu, Hawaii registered it as N5413V in 1963. It was damaged in a ground accident at Honolulu in 1972. Lady Alice Corporation of Wilmington, Delaware registered it as N151MW on August 26, 1999. It has been registered to Wagner P-51 Corporation since September 12, 2006.

North American P-51K-10NT Mustang, N119VF served the Army Air Force as either 44-12119 or 44-12140. Its construction number is 111-30273. It entered the civil register in 1946 as NX6611 and crashed at Cleveland, Ohio later that year. Glen Hussey of Carmichael, California acquired it in 1966 and registered it as N66111. It crashed again on July 7, 1968. Aadu Karemaa of San Diego, California acquired the wreckage in the 1980s and restored it to airworthy condition. He registered it as N119AK in 1989 and then as N119VF in April 1992.

Douglas AD-4N Skyraider, NX959AD Naked Fanny has been registered to California Warbirds LLC. of Carson City, Nevada since August 23, 2006. Its nose art was inspired by the little girl in the old Coppertone Tan, Don't Burn ad. Its construction number is 7759. It served the U.S. Navy as BuNo 126959. It was delivered to l'Armee de l'Air as No. 50 on December 7, 1960. It was delivered to F. A. Chad on April 7, 1976. It was registered in France as F-AZFP in 1989. Don Hanna and Chancellor Air of Costa Mesa, California acquired it in September 1989 and registered it as N2088V. Warbird Associates of Wilmington, Delaware bought it on June 6, 1995 and registered it as NX959AD.

Douglas A-1H Skyraider, NX39606 is registered to Warbird Aircraft of San Diego. Its Navy Buno was 139606 and it was delivered to the South Vietnamese Air Force. It was recovered through Thailand by Yesterday's Air Force in 1980. It was registered as N3915B by Military Aircraft Restoration Corporation at Chino in 1983. The Donald Douglas Museum at Santa Monica registered it as NX39606 in July 1988 and passed it on to the Santa Monica Museum of Flying in 1990.

General Motors TBM-3E Avenger, N4171A served the U.S. Navy as BuNo 91521 and its construction number is 4426. Reeder Flying Service of Twin Falls, Idaho registered it as N4171A in 1963 and flew it as tanker #D11. Louis Deterding of Havre, Montana bought it in 1977 and sold it to Donald J. von Siegel of Parkin, Arkansas in 1984. Corwin H. "Corky" Meyer of Ocala, Florida acquired it in 1988. Its fuselage was destroyed by fire during restoration in 1989, so the fuselage from BuNo 53489 was incorporated into its reconstruction. It made its first flight after rebuild on May 5, 1994, and it was sold to Stephen M. Hay of Lansing, Illinois later that year. Wawasee Airport Incorporated of Syracuse, Indiana bought it on April 28, 1998 and sold it to Northern Indiana Aviation Museum of Goshen, Indiana in 1999. It has been registerred to Freeberg Family LLP of Escondido, California since February 5, 2003.

Grumman F6F-5 Hellcat, N1078Z Minsi III. Its construction number is A-5634. John Sandberg recovered it from the Fergus Falls Airport in Minnesota in 1962. It was subsequently owned by Lloyd Nolan from 1972 to 1973 and Ed Messick from April 9, 1973 to 1990. The Confederate Air Force acquired it in 1990. It has been registered to the American Airpower Heritage Flying Museum since 1991. It is part of the collection of the Southern California Wing of the Commemorative Air Force and is based at Camarillo. Grumman F8F-2 Bearcat, N7825C is visible in the background.

This DeHavilland DH-4 replica, N981RM was built by Roy McCaldin in 1989.

Vertol H-21B Shawnee, N64606 flew for the Army as 54-4001. Its construction umber is B.154. It was transferred to the Algerian ALAT as 8000114 and then to the French Navy as F-YDCB. it returned to ALAT as AAG in 1960. Midwest Helicioter Airways registered it as N64606. It has been registered to the Classic Rotors Museum at the Ramona Airport since July 7 1998.

Douglas A-26B Invader, N119DR wears its original Army Air Force serial number of 43-34313. In 1963 it entered the civil register as N5457V. It was operated by Aero Atlas of Red Bluff, California and then sold to Wilson Aviation Industries of Lewiston, Idaho. Butler Aviation of Redmond, Oregon operated it as tanker #16 from 1966 to 1969. Conair Aviation of Abbotsford, British Columbia registered it in Canada as C-GHLK and operated it as tanker #323 from 1975 to 1988. It was restored to military configuration and flown in RCAF colors by the Reynolds Aviation Museum in 1988. It received its current registratoin in January 2000. Its owner is now David Lane of Poway, California.

Douglas C-53D Skytrooper, N45366 D-Day Doll carries construction number is 11757. It was delivered to the Army Air Corps as C-53D, 42-68830. It is in the collection of the Inland Empire Wing of the Commemorative Air Force at the Riverside, California Airport.

Nose art on Douglas C-53D Skytrooper, N45366 D-Day Doll

DC-3A N45366, Tracy, California Municipal Airport, June 25, 1993 Fourteen years ago: DC-3A N45366 at the Tracy, California Municipal Airport on June 25, 1993.

Curtiss C-46F Commando, N53594 China Doll served the Army Air Force as 44-78663. Its Curtiss construction number is 22486. Riddle Airlines operated it from August 1960 to July 1963. Zantop Air Transport operated it from July 1963 to September 1966. After flying for Ortiner Air Services it was acquired by the Confederate Air Force of Midland, Texas in 1991. It is registered to the American Airpower Heritage Flying Museum and based with the Southern California Wing of the Commemorative Air Force at Camarillo.

Hawker-Siddeley AV-8A Harrier, BuNo 159239 of Marine attack squadron VMA-542 is in the collection of the San Diego Aerospace Museum Gillespie Field Annex. Its construction number is 712148. It was retired to AMARC as 7A0016 on April 16, 1986 and was then delivered to NASA Ames Research Center to provide spares for NASA Harriers.

North American F-86F-10NA Sabre, 51-12958 Heavens Above is in the collection of the San Diego Aerospace Museum Gillespie Field Annex.

U.S. Navy General Dynamics F-16N Fighting Falcon adversary, BuNo 163269 is in the collection of the San Diego Aerospace Museum Gillespie Field Annex. It was retired from active duty in 1995.

Wings Over Gillespie Air Show Flying Displays, June 15 - 16, 2007

Wings Over Gillespie Air Show, June 15 - 16, 2007 Arrivals, airshow practice, and a media flight were conducted on Friday, June 15.


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