Monsoon Weather Over Pioneer Valley
August 24 - September 4, 2012

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I spent twelve days in Pioneer Valley, northeast of Flagstaff, Arizona photographing the summer thunderstorms associated with the monsoon weather. I shot over 70,000 exposures to assemble a dozen time lapse movies. It was the most spectacular monsoon weather I have seen in many years. Every day brought new phenomena. Each mountain creates its own orographic clouds. Look for cumulonimbus clouds that spread out when they reach the stratosphere. Lenticular clouds hover over the mountains when the speed of the air mass increases.

I shot exposures at five second intervals to assemble time lapse movies. I produced a time lapse movie for each day of weather activity.

Each picture below links to more pictures taken on that day.

Monsoon Weather, August 24, 2012 Friday, August 24

Monsoon Weather, August 25, 2012 Saturday, August 25

Monsoon Weather, August 26, 2012 Sunday, August 26

Monsoon Weather, August 27, 2012 Monday, August 27

Monsoon Weather, August 28, 2012 Tuesday, August 28

Monsoon Weather, August 29, 2012 Wednesday, August 29

Monsoon Weather, August 30, 2012 Thursday, August 30

Monsoon Weather, August 31, 2012 Friday, August 31

Monsoon Weather, September 1, 2012 Saturday, September 1

Monsoon Weather, September 2, 2012 Sunday, September 2

Pioneer Valley Rainbow, September 3, 2012 Monday, September 3

Monsoon Weather, September 4, 2012 Tuesday, September 4

Lightning Photos

Lightning Photos The Lightning Display

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