Boeing 757 F-22 Avionics Testbed, N757A
at Palmdale, February 13, 2006

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The first Boeing 757-200, N757A which now serves as the F-22 Avionics testbed, arrived at Air Force Plant 42 at Palmdale on February 13, 2006 in the company of Boeing's Canadair T-33, N416X.

General Dynamics F-16B Block 15AS OCU Fighting Falcon, 92-0457 of the 412th Test Wing made a touch and go landing on Runway 25 just before 10:00 in the morning. It was ordered by Pakistan in the early 1990s. Due to technology transfer restrictions, the order of F-16s was embargoed. This F-16B was stored at AMARC for several years before being assigned to the 412th Test Wing at Edwards Air Force Base.

One minute later Beech Super King Air 200, N14NG landed on Runway 25. It is one of a fleet of Northrop-Grumman owned Beechcraft that shuttle between Hawthorne and Palmdale.

Boeing's Canadair T-33, N416X arrived at 10:10 A.M. PDT.

The T-33 was followed four minutes later by Boeing 757-200 F-22 Avionics testbed, N757A.

The F-22 Avionics testbed has the nose of an F-22 mounted on its forward fuselage. A sensor wing is mounted above the cockpit. F-22 electronic warfare (EW) and communication, navigation and identification (CNI) sensors are mounted on the sensor wing. A simulated F-22 cockpit is installed in the cabin.

The F-22 Avionics testbed carries construction number 22212. It first flew on February 18, 1982. It first flew after modification on March 11, 1999.

The F-22 Avionics testbed made flights in the R-2508 complex on February 14 and 15 and flew back to Boeing field on the evening of February 15.

View the flight path of 757/F-22 Avionics testbed, N757A from Boeing Field, Washington to Air Force Plant 42 on February 13 on Google Earth.

View the flight path of Boeing's Canadair Sabre Mk. 5 (T-33), N416X from Boeing Field, Washington to Air Force Plant 42 on February 13 on Google Earth.

View the flight path for Boeing 757-200/F-22 Avionics Testbed, N757A from L05 to Air Force Plant 42 at Palmdale, California that took place on February 14 from 10:39 AM PDT to 5:06 PM PDT on Google Earth. This track covers the period from 4:08 PM to 5:06 PM.

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