Widebody Airliners at Los Angeles International Airport, January 2000

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Go to the Home PageI spent a couple of days shooting pictures of the operations at Los Angeles International Airport. Here, in ascending gross weight, are representatives of the widebody airliners that frequent LAX.

Boeing 767-200

Wingspan: 156 feet 1 inch

Length: 159 feet 2 inches

Wing Area: 3.050 square feet

Maximum Weight: 300,000 pounds

Maximum Payload: 43,000 pounds

Range: 3,700 miles

767-222 N611UA United Airlines 767-222 N611UA has been flying for United Airlines since November 1982.

Link to United Airlines' web site.

767-223 N306AA American Airlines 767-223 N306AA was delivered to American Airlines in June 1983. American uses 50,000-pound thrust General Electric CF6-80 engines on its 767s.

Link to Boeing's 767 product page.

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Boeing 767-300

Wingspan: 156 feet 1 inch

Length: 180 feet 3 inches

Wing Area: 3,050 square feet

Maximum Weight: 345,000 pounds

Maximum Payload: 52,200 pounds

Range: 4,400 miles

767-322 N652UA United Airlines 767-322 N652UA started flying for United Airlines in October 1992. It is equipped with Pratt and Whitney PW-4000 engines.

767-323 N355AA American Airlines 767-323 N355AA has been operated by American Airlines since June 1988.

Lockheed L1011-200

Wingspan: 155 feet 45 inches

Length: 178 feet 8 inches

Wing Area: 3,456 square feet

Maximum Weight: 430,000 pounds

Maximum Payload: 90,700 pounds

Range: 4,629 miles

L-1011-385-1-15 N102CK Kitty Hawk International L-1011-200F N102CK has been hauling freight for Kitty Hawk International since July 1994. It began its career with British Airways, registered as G-BHBM in November 1980. British Airways first named it "Picadilly Rose" and then "Poole Bay". It was leased by Kuwait Airways in May 1992. Like all Tristars, it is equipped with three 50,000-pound thrust Rolls-Royce RB-211-524B engines.

Link to a page dedicated to the L-1011 Tristar.

Link to Kitty Hawk's web site.

Boeing-McDonnell-Douglas DC-10-10

Wingspan: 165 feet 4 inches

Length: 182 feet 1 inch

Wing Area: 3,958 square feet

Maximum Weight: 455,000 pounds

Maximum Payload: 98,500 pounds

Range: 2,700 miles

DC-10-10 N133AA American Airlines DC-10-10 N133AA was delivered to American Airlines in July 1980. All DC-10-10s were equipped with three 40,000-pound thrust General Electric CF6-6D engines.

DC-10-10 N1836U United Airlines DC-10-10 N1836U was originally ordered for Delta Airlines as N604DA but Delta decided to go with L-1011s. United Airlines took delivery in January 1973 and leased N1836U to Delta for a couple of years. In June 1983 it was leased to CP Air and named Empress of Santiago. CP Air became Canadian Pacific Airlines in January 1986 and then was merged into Canadian Airlines in April 1987. Now this DC-10 is flying for United again.

DC-10-10 N572SC Skyservice USA DC-10-10 N572SC was originally delivered to Western Airlines as N908WA in March 1978. It became part of Delta Airlines when Western and Delta merged in April 1987. It was purchased by United Aviation Services in May 1988 and leased to Scanair. Ownership was transfered to Scandanavian Air Chartering in June 1988 and it continued to be leased to Scanair who sub-leased it to American Airlines. It was re-registered as SE-DHZ by Scanair and acquired the name "Moby Dick" in March 1989. It was sub leased to Sun County Airlines in June 1991. N572SC has been owned by First Security Bank since June 1998 and it hauls freight for Skyservice USA.

Link to Skyservice Airline's web site.

DC-10-10 N908WA Western Airlines December 25, 1986 DC-10-10 N908WA as it appeared when it flew for Western Airlines. I shot this picture on December 25, 1986.

Link to Boeing's DC-10 overview page.

Ilyushin 96

Wingspan: 189 feet 2 inches

Length: 181 feet 7 inches

Wing Area: 4, 215 square feet

Maximum Weight: 476,000 pounds

Maximum Payload: 88,000 pounds

Range: 4,660 miles

Il-96 RA96007 Aeroflot Il-96 RA96007 flies for Aeroflot, as all IL-96s do. It is equipped with four 35,300-pound thrust Solviev PS-90A turbofans.

Link to Aeroflot's Il-96 page.

Link to Aeroflot's home page.

Lockheed L1011-500

Wingspan: 164 feet 4 inches

Length: 164 feet 2 inches

Wing Area: 3,541 square feet

Maximum Weight: 510,000 pounds

Maximum Payload: 92,600 pounds

Range: 6,154 miles

L-1011-385-3 N764DA Delta L-1011-500 N764DA was first operated by Air Canada as C-GAGF in February 1981. It was purchased and re-registered by Delta in August 1991.

Link toDelta Air Lines web site.

Boeing 777-200

Wingspan: 199 feet 11 inches

Length: 209 feet 1 inch

Wing Area: 4,605 square feet

Maximum Weight: 515,000 pounds

Maximum Payload: 121,000 pounds

Range: 4,800 miles

777-222 N787UA United Airlines 777-222 N787UA has been flying for United Airlines since June 1997. It is equipped with two 90,000-pound thrust Pratt and Whitney PW4090 engines.

Link to Boeing's 777 product page.

Airbus A-340-200

Wingspan: 197 feet 10 inches

Length: 194 feet 10 inches

Wing Area: 3,908 square feet

Maximum Weight: 566,000 pounds

Maximum Payload: 101,000 pounds

Range: 8,573 miles

A-340-200 F-OITN Air Tahiti Nui A-340-200 F-OITN of Air Tahiti Nui is equipped with four 32,500-pound thrust CFM International (a GE/SNECMA collaboration) CFM56-5C engines.

Link to the Air Tahiti Nui web site.

Link to the Airbus page.

Boeing-McDonnell-Douglas DC-10-30F

Wingspan: 165 feet 4 inches

Length: 182 feet 1 inch

Wing Area: 3,958 square feet

Maximum Weight: 580,000 pounds

Maximum Payload: 177,000 pounds

Range: 3,800 miles

DC-10-30F N309FE FedEx DC-10-30F N309FE was delivered to FedEx in August 1990. It is equipped with three 51,000-pound thrust General Electric CF6-50C2 engines.

Boeing-McDonnell-Douglas MD-11

Wingspan: 169 feet 6 inches

Length: 201 feet

Wing Area: 3,648 square feet

Maximum Weight: 602,500 pounds

Maximum Payload: 114,100 pounds

Range: 7,871 miles

MD-11 N803DE Delta MD-11 N803DE was delivered to Delta in May 1990.

MD-11 PP-VQK Varig Brazil MD-11 PP-VQK flies for Varig Brazil.

Link to the Varig Brazil web site.

Link to Boeing's MD-11 product page.

Boeing 777-200-IGW

Wingspan: 199 feet 11 inches

Length: 209 feet 1 inch

Wing Area: 4,605 square feet

Maximum Weight: 632,000 pounds

Maximum Payload: 121,000 pounds

Range: 4,800 miles

777-266 SU-GBP Egypt Air 777-266-IGW (Increased Gross Weight) SU-GBP of Egypt Air is equipped with a pair of PW4090 engines. The heaviest version of the 777-200-IGW can weigh up to 632,000 pounds.

Link to the Egypt Air web site.

Boeing 747-100, 747-SR

Wingspan: 195 feet 8 inches

Length: 231 feet 10 inches

Wing Area: 5,500 square feet

Maximum Weight: 735,000 pounds

Maximum Payload: 150,000 pounds

Range: 6,333 miles

747-124 N602FF Tower Air 747-124 N602FF first flew and was delivered to Continental Airlines as N26862 in July 1970. It was withdrawn from service and stored in January 1974. Boeing purchased the 747-124 in October 1975. It was to be sold to the Imperial Iranian Air Force, but it was not taken up. Boeing re-registered it as N747AV in September 1976 and leased it to Avianca Columbia that November. It was re-registered as HK-2000 by Avianca in December 1976 and named "Eldorado". Avianca returned it to Boeing in January 1983. The next month, Boeing Equipment Holding Corporation (BEHC) re-registered it as N747BA. They leased it to Scandinavian Airlines System in August 1983. Scandinavian sub-leased it to Air Algerie. It was returned to Boeing in October 1983. BEHC leased it directly to Air Algerie from December 1983 to January 1984. It was leased to Tower Air in May 1984. It was re-registered as N602FF in November 1984. Tower purchased it in October 1985. They leased it to Air Jamaica from July 1987 to May 1988 and Air Europe from May 1989 to February 1990. Its subsequent history is not known to me.

747-124 N26862 Continental Airlines December 28, 1971 747-124 N26862 as it appeared when it flew for Continental Airlines. I shot this picture on December 28, 1971. Pardon the chain link in the foreground.

The 747-100 model was equipped with four Pratt and Whitney JT9D-3 or JT9D-7 turbofans ranging from 43,500 pounds to 47,000 pounds thrust each.

Link to the Tower Air web site.

747-SR-46F N477EV Evergreen 747-SR-46F N477EV was first delivered as a 747-Short Range, JA8120 to Japan Airlines. The 747-SR was tailored for the high density, short range flights typical of Japan. JAL installed seating for up to 550 passengers that version of the 747. Evergreen International Airlines bought it and re-registered it in April 1990. They converted it to a freighter in February 1991. The new Evergreen livery is very plain vanilla.

Link to the Evergreen International Airlines web site.

In the foreground is an Emery Worldwide DC-8-73CF N795FT. It was delivered to Flying Tiger Line as a DC-8-63CF in August 1969. It was originally equipped with 19,000-pound thrust Pratt and Whitney JT-3D engines. It was bought by Bendix Corporation in June 1984. 22,000-pound thrust CFM International CFM56 engines were installed on it by Cammacorp in June 1984, and it was redesignated DC-8-73CF. It has been leased to Emery Worldwide since then.

Link to the Emery Worldwide web site.

Link to Boeing's page about the evolution of the 747 design.

Boeing 747-400

Wingspan: 211 feet 5 inches

Length: 231 feet 10 inches

Wing Area: 5,650 square feet

Maximum Weight: 870,000 pounds

Maximum Payload: 144,000 pounds

Range: 8,406 miles

The undisputed master of transpacific air travel is the 747-400.

747-409 B18209 China Airlines 747-409 B18209 of China Airlines.

Link to the China Airlines 747-400 Dynasty Class page.

747-419 and 767-319 Air New Zealand Air New Zealand 747-419 meets Air New Zealand 767-319 going the other way on the north side of the airport. The 747-419 is equipped with four 58,000-pound thrust Rolls Royce RB-211-524 turbofans.

Link to the Air New Zealand web site.

747-422 N109UA United Airlines 747-422 N109UA of United Airlines is equipped with four 56,000-pound thrust PW4056 engines.

747-430 D-ABVK Lufthansa "Hannover" 747-430 D-ABVK of Lufthansa wears special livery advertising the Expo 2000 in Hannover, Germany. This 747-430 is also named "Hannover".

Link to the Lufthansa web site.

Link to the Expo 2000 Hannover web site.

747-446 JA8906 Japan Air Lines 747-446 JA8906 of Japan Air Lines.

Link to the Japan Air Lines web site.

747-45E B-HOZ Cathay Pacific 747-45E B-HOZ of Cathay Pacific is equipped with Rolls Royce RB-211-524 engines. It appears to be wearing a nose radome that belongs to another 747.

Link to the Cathay Pacific web site.

747-48E HL7413 Asiana 747-48E HL7413 of Asiana.

Linnk to the Asiana web site.

747-4B5 HL7487 Korean Air Lines 747-4B5 HL7487 of Korean Air Lines.

Link to Boeing's 747-400 product page.

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