Click on the words "3-D version" at the end of each paragraph and you will be presented with a larger version of the associated picture. Click on the picture. If you do not already have 3-D picture viewing software, you will be directed to the "Depthcharge" plugin web site. Depthcharge is free for the downloading.

Once you have your 3-D viewing software installed, you can view the 3-D images by several means. No additional equipment is required for the cross-eyed viewing method, but I find that it leaves my vision a little blurry for a while after I view 3-D by that method.

The red/blue 3-D viewers used for 3-D movies are a good cheap method for viewing the 3-D pictures. This method of presenting 3-D pictures is called anaglyph. Depthcharge can present the anaglyphs either in color or black-and-white. I recommend the black-and-white method for viewing the anaglyphs. Pictures with either bright red or bright blue areas have weird contrast problems when presented as full color anaglyphs.

The best method for viewing these 3-D pictures is as interleaved stereo. This requires goggles equipped with Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) shutters that are synchronized with the monitor display. I have been using the VRex VR Surfer goggles. The VR Surfer Web Pack sells for $49.95 (at the time I am writing this). If you do happen to get a set of these goggles, I strongly recommend that you remove the smoky transparent plastic piece that covers the front. It seriously degrades the image quality.